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Yellowstone Season 4 Trailer Teases Major Character Deaths


The new trailer for Yellowstone season 4 has dropped, and it’s teasing some major upcoming character deaths for the show. The hit Western drama premiered in 2018, ascending to popularity on the back of its star Kevin Costner and creator Taylor Sheridan (Hell or High Water). The show, which is about the Duttons, a Montana ranching family defending their land, is so popular that it will soon be getting a spinoff origin story called 1883, starring Sam Elliott, Tim McGraw, and Faith Hill.

Season 3, which ended last August, left viewers in the lurch, unsure of the fates of many beloved characters. Kevin Costner’s John Dutton was shot by a mysterious man in a van, his daughter Beth had her office firebombed, and Kayce Dutton had his own office encounter with a group of armed infiltrators. Season 4 of Yellowstone is premiering on Paramount+ Tuesday, November 7, so fans won’t have long to wait. However, things are still looking grim for the Dutton clan.

On their YouTube channel, Paramount Network just released a guns-a-blazing trailer for the new season, reminding viewers of the terrifying predicament of those three characters and teasing that not all of them may make it out alive. Emblazoned with the tagline “Every Body Pays,” the trailer is full of quick flashes of violence, flashing sirens, and panicked voices. “Don’t you die on me, man,” screams one character, though it’s unclear if he’s speaking to one of the characters we’ve seen or somebody new. One thing is for certain; there’s a lot of danger in store for the Dutton clan going forward. The trailer also gives a glimpse of Jacki Weaver’s new character Caroline Warner. Piper Perabo and Kathryn Kelly will also be joining this season. Check out the trailer here:

There are at least two new limp bodies being dragged around in this trailer, which remains mum on the “Who shot John Dutton?” angle. This season will certainly strive to answer that question, but it looks like it might not be so easy to get at the truth. Nobody is safe in this season of Yellowstone, and they want viewers to know it. Whoever organized the strike that aimed to take down three Duttons at once certainly isn’t satisfied leaving it at that.

The new season of Yellowstone will premiere with a special two-hour event, so viewers will at least have the opportunity to get a good sense of what the tone of this season is going to be. Certainly, they will resolve one if not all of those dangling potential cliffhanger deaths before throwing everyone right back into the fire. Series regulars Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, Gil Birmingham, Kelsey Asbille, Forrie J. Smith, Denim Richards, and Ian Bohen will also be returning this season, though by the looks of things their days may be numbered.

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