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The Boys Season 3: 10 Scariest Homelander Quotes


Season 3 of The Boys has come to an end and despite everyone’s best attempts, Homelander remains alive, well, and murderous, now with his powerful son Ryan as backup. Audiences may fear what Homelander has in store now, but of course, he has always been terrifying.

Homelander’s dialogue, though sometimes subtle, is always very revealing about the horrors that he would both put characters and fans through. In season 3, as the Supe becomes even more of a loose cannon, his lines have become increasingly chilling. Antony Starr’s delivery of these quotes seals the shudder-worthy deal. For all that he is emotionally unstable, Homelander is one scary man to rub the wrong way.

Who’s The Real Hero?

“You’re Not The Real Heroes. I’m The Real Hero.”


After Starlight lies about Homelander donating 10 million dollars to her charity in order to save his character, Homelander snaps. On live television, he gives a long, daunting speech about how much power he has.

This quote removes a sense of autonomy from the American people. Part of what makes The Boys such a powerful crew is that they know, with the right people, they can take down Homelander. By telling the public that they are not heroes, Homelander makes himself appear invincible, and makes it seem like everything he does is for their good. Knowing his character, this is a terrible mindset to have.

Nazi Sympathizing

“How Is It Fair That You Get Saved While A Beautiful, Perfect God Gets Killed?”


Clearly, Homelander is not over his ex-girlfriend. He says this quote to a suicidal girl that he is meant to performatively save. Of course, he is referring to Stormfront, who is outed as a Nazi at the end of season 2.

Any positive reference to a famous nazi who has been alive since the Holocaust is unsettling. To call said nazi beautiful, perfect, and a god is an entirely different animal. Hearing this quote is scary enough, but knowing that the man who says it has an absurd amount of power and a severe god complex himself is even more spine-tingling.

Reassuring Ryan

“I’m Not Going Anywhere. I Will Always Be Right Here.”


This quote comes from one of Homelander’s most vulnerable moments. Ryan believes that Stormfront and Becca’s death is his fault and that his dad would blame him for it. Homelander reassures him that accidents happen and that he would never turn his back on him.

This quote is horrifying because of what it means for Ryan’s character. At this point, the impressionable boy holds some resentment toward Butcher for snapping at him. So, this scrap of kindness from Homelander is a step toward getting Ryan on his side. The beginning of the season shows so much potential for Ryan to become good, but as the season 3 finale reveals, he might just become a mini Homelander. This seemingly sweet line is a catalyst for that.

Count Your Blessings

“You Should Be Thanking Christ That I Am Who I Am Because You Need Me.”


Homelander says this quote to millions of Americans on live television amidst a total sociopathic breakdown that would later be hailed as authentic by his supporters. Obviously, he is unashamed to show them who he really is, and he is equally unafraid to make them thank him for it.

With this line, Homelander makes a nation full of people feel hopeless. He establishes a sort of dependency on him, which is terrifying for audiences who know that he is the last person anyone should be dependent on. The quote further solidifies his unrestricted brutality.

Just Look Up

“The Only Man In The Sky Is Me.”


Homelander’s god complex really shows through this quote, and it is even the namesake of the second episode in season 3. He says it when Chelsea begins praying to God to save her from the threatening Supe.

The Supe is referring to his ability to fly through the sky but he is mostly asserting that he is the highest power in the universe, comparable to a deity. He truly believes it, too, which makes his climb to power even more terrifying.

He Sees Through Everyone

“I Can See Through That Mask. I Mean, Literally, I Can See Your Face. I Can Tell When You’re Happy, Sad, Telling The Truth, Lying.”


Black Noir has one of the best character arcs in season 3. When Homelander says this quote to him, audiences cannot help but feel a little anxious for the masked superhero. Beyond feeling for Noir, the quote is pretty terrifying in general.

Homelander is a scary personality. He is a barbarous narcissist, and this quote reminds audiences that he has some pretty intense powers beyond flying and laser eyes. His x-ray vision is often slept-on as a superpower. However, this line brings it to the forefront, reminding viewers just how much knowledge and power this already-scary Supe has.

Removing The Human
“We’re Gonna Cut That Part Out Of You Like A Cancer… Then, My Boy, You Can Finally Be Who You Were Always Meant To Be.”


In “Herogasm,” Homelander has a momentous conversation with himself in the mirror. His hard, sociopathic self berates his softer, more insecure self. The scene is brilliantly done, with creativity that makes The Boys one of the best shows on Amazon Prime.

The tougher side of Homelander points out to his more vulnerable self that a part of him is still human and this quote is what he has to say about that. The audience has seen Homelander do so many horrid things. If those are the things he does while still being human, then cutting out that humanity is a terrifying prospect.

Prompting Chelsea

“Why Don’t You Show A Little Follow-Through, Chelsea? Jump… I’m Not Suggesting Anymore. Jump.”


Homelander is meant to save Chelsea from jumping off a building to kill herself. At the start of the rescue, she is positive that she wants to jump off. However, by the time Homelander receives news of Stormfront’s death, he has a bit of a breakdown.

Not only does he have no interest in saving Chelsea, but he actually wants to see her jump. Part of this may be because he is a sick sadist, but it also may be to pay homage to his Nazi girlfriend since Chelsea is Jewish. He threatens her with this quote, but by now, he has already replaced her hopelessness with fear, and she no longer wants to jump. So, he wields his laser eyes as another threat. The situation is hair-raising, and the casually threatening quote makes it worse.

Soldier Boy’s Successor

“I’m The Upgrade.”


Soldier Boy seems to be the Boys’ only hope at defeating Homelander, and the audience cannot help but root for him to take the Supe down in “Herogasm.” Before the two fight, Homelander says this line to Soldier Boy to establish his dominance over the world’s former most powerful Supe.

With so much hope invested in Soldier Boy, it is definitely anxiety-inducing to hear Homelander so confident about being able to take down the Captain America knock-off. At this point, fans come to the scary realization that Homelander might just be right. He was, after all, created in a lab for perfection.

Killing Black Noir

“He Was Keeping Secrets From Me.”


Homelander sees Black Noir as one of his closest friends to the point where they are one of the best duos in The Boys. So, when he guts Noir with his bare hands for not telling him that Soldier Boy is his father, it comes as a shock to everyone.

Homelander sits down with Ashley, the Deep, and A-Train, plopping Black Noir’s mask on the table in front of them. They ask if everything is alright with Noir, unwilling to accept that Homelander has killed him. Homelander responds with this quote, confirming their fears. If Homelander could kill one of his best buds in cold blood, imagine the things that he could do to them. They instantly feel that terror and the audience feels the chill with them.

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