That ’70s Show: 10 Things The Characters Wanted In Season 1 That Came True By The Finale


That ’70s Show spanned eight seasons. By the time the series finale arrived, most characters got just what they initially desired.

When looking back at popular sitcoms from the 2000s, That ’70s Show certainly comes to mind. The show was an instant hit and stayed on the air for a total of eight seasons. Although it certainly had some flaws during its long run, there is no denying that the good aspects of it overshadow them. The show does a pretty stellar job when it comes to its character development, too, while simultaneously doing wonderfully with its storytelling.

From the very beginning of the series, each main character had certain things that they wanted to see come to fruition. What is special about this is the fact that many of their wishes would actually come true by the time of the show’s finale. Therefore, in most cases, each character does seem to have a good end to their stories. They face some rather difficult obstacles along the way, but it becomes truly worth it by the final results.

Fez Becomes More Than The Group’s Punching Bag


During the beginning portions of the series, Fez is often picked on by the group. This is because of the fact that he is the newest member of the group, while also being a bit of an easy target for them.

However, as the show progresses, he forms closer bonds with all of them. He grows a particularly stronger relationship with Kelso, which is important as Kelso is the one who often picks on him the most at the beginning.

Eric Dates Donna


From the very beginning of the show, it is clear that Eric has strong feelings for Donna. Donna reciprocates with those feelings, but it does take a little bit of time for them to officially start dating.

They do also have a few break-ups in the series, and Eric even goes to work in Africa leaving her behind. She does date Randy for a while, but during the show’s finale, the two share a kiss, suggesting that they do end up back together in the end.

Red Sees Eric Find His Career Path


Speaking of Eric going to Africa, it made Red open up a bit. Although he does openly say that he will miss him when is away, he also says that he is proud of him. Throughout the show, Red wants to see Eric find a career path and mature.

It is clear that Eric does this when he pursues a career. At certain points of the series, Eric shows lazy qualities, as he even takes an entire year off from work after graduating high school.

Donna Gets Her Career In Music


Donna is a character that states from the very beginning that she wants to work when she finishes school. It becomes clear her passion is in music, so when she gets her job at the radio station, it is a dream come true for her.

Although it does create some conflict, as Eric is upset that she focuses more time on her job than their relationship, it is a necessity for her growth. It even comes in handy when Hyde runs the record store for a time.

Fez Finally Gets A Girlfriend


While all of his friends do well with dating, Fez laments that he is unable to find a girlfriend. He spends a lot of the first season failing when it comes to the dating scene, but as the show goes on, he becomes more confident.

In turn, this allows him not only to get his first girlfriend but also allows him to do far better with dating. By later seasons, he has plenty of options, which is far different than the beginning stages of his character.

Jackie Gets Taken More Seriously By Group


With Jackie dating Michael during the first few seasons of the show, the group has no choice but to accept her. However, they make it clear often that they dislike her presence, as they become openly annoyed with her opposing personality.

Although she is far from perfect, they are quite harsh with her often. Yet, as the show goes on, it seems as though that they all warm up to her and even enjoy her company. This is especially the case when she dates Hyde and matures immensely in the process.

Eric Becomes Closer With His Dad


Red and Eric are known for having very different personalities in the series. This leads to the two clashing very often, and this especially seen during the show’s earlier days.

However, it does become apparent that these two end up growing a closer bond. Although Red does his best to hide the love he has for his son, they do share a handful of heart-to-hearts. In turn, this leads to Eric finally feeling closer to his father.

Hyde Gets A Family


Hyde’s family life is very dysfunctional, as both his parents end up abandoning him. This leads to him having to live on his own, but once it becomes known to the Forman family, they choose to take him in.

Although Hyde is a bit standoffish to the idea, it becomes abundantly clear that he is extremely appreciative. This is especially the case as he grows older, as he grows stronger connections with both Red and Kitty.

Kelso Finds Happiness In Dating


At the beginning of the show, Kelso is in a relationship with Jackie. He doesn’t openly express that he wants to be happy, as he comes across as mostly shallow, but their relationship is clearly bad for both of them. Kelso’s unhappiness is clear but that changes over time.

The two end up parting ways, as Kelso does not deserve Jackie based on his actions. Also, he becomes so much happier when he is freely able to date. It is clear that he has more interest dating a lot of people, so he does get his wish after his break-up. Plus, he ultimately finds his happiness in the end.

Fez Ends Up With Jackie


Fez has a monstrous crush on Jackie from the very start. She does not possess the same feelings as him and often coldly rejects him as a result of this. However, in the final season, Jackie does start to like him.

It is intriguing that, at this point, Fez is happier pursuing other women. However, in the end, he does end up getting his biggest wish from the beginning of the series by ending up with Jackie. Even if it is understandably not well-received by fans, Fez does get the woman of his dreams.

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