About the DVDs

DVD Region

1. You may find only Region 1 logo on the DVD cover.
2. It’s also region free coded, guarantee working worldwide.


We sell authentic DVDs only.


We do not guarantee all our DVDs have subtitles.

About Shipping

Shipping Fee

We offer free shipping within the US and worldwide.

Shipping Method

1. USPS for packages <3Kg.
2. Fedex for packages 3-23Kg.
3. UPS for packages >23Kg.

Where is it shipped from?

1. USPS: from our warehouse in the US.
2. Fedex / UPS: from our warehouse in Hong Kong.

Before Shipping

We need 1-3 days for handling time and will email you if we need further time, please watch your email everyday.
*Out of stock items: We do not guarantee all our DVDs are in stock, we’ll email you when it happens and we’ll dispatch whatever we have if not get your reply in 24hrs.
*If we can’t send you emails successfully: This is for some cases your email system are using firewall or white list. We’ll hold the shipping for 48hrs and refund you to cancel the order.


Shipping ETA is changing during the COVID-19, it can be different from week to week. Our ETA for Apr 2022:
USPS: 15+ days, delays may happen.
Fedex / UPS: 9-12 days, delays may happen.

Tracking Number

1. Tracking numbers will be provided in 3-5 days after your ordering.
2. Tracking numbers may not be updating in the first a few days and start to move in the last a few days of the ETA.

Package Lost / Damage (Quality Issues)

Package Lost

We’ll define it a lost if the tracking not updating over 3 weeks or packages not delivered in 4 weeks from the date we dispatched.
1. We’ll make a full refund.
2. We’ll send again if you would like.

Package arrived with damage

1. We’ll send replacements for the damaged DVDs.
2. We’ll make the refund for the damaged DVDs’ purchasing value.

Complaint from your customers

When you resell the DVDs and got complaint from your customers, we’ll send the replacement or make the refund for your purchasing value.

Return & Refund

1. We accept return & refund for quality issues.
2. We DO NOT accept return & refund for any reason you are not able to resell them.

Your first order

Please only place your 1st order when you finished reading above sections and accepted them.