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Peaky Blinders: 8 Memorable Character Quotes From Season 6


Peaky Blinders aired it’s final season earlier this year, bringing the Birmingham family’s story to a close (for now). It lived up to the already exceptional reputation it had built from the previous series’, through the writing, acting and camera work.

Whilst some characters weren’t in the show as much as they previously had been, the characters that carried the episodes presented a slick and engaging plot, which was yet again perfectly written. Amongst the engaging scenes was a plethora of lines which could fit various categories, but there were a number of quotes which jump out as the most memorable.


“It’s The Work To Blame.”


It would take a strong woman to enter into a long-term relationship with Thomas Shelby and Lizzie fits that characteristic perfectly. His unpredictable moves, unfaithfulness and unstable temper would be a lot for anyone to deal with, let alone the mother of his daughter.

However, even the most stedfast of people would, at times, break under the pressure of Tommy’s way of living so it’s not surprising that Lizzie refused to conceal her feelings over Tommy’s line of work (as this quote evidences). A lot of the conflicts the family faced were brought on by Tommy and she doesn’t want him to keep running from them, leaving the remaining Shelbys to pick up the mess.


“No Matter What It Takes, No Matter How Many Lies I Have To Tell, I Will Take Revenge On Tommy Shelby.”


The Shelby family stick together and no matter their faults, no one gets in between them. But when Michael believes his mother’s death is down to the mistakes of Tommy, the cracks in their tight-knit family begin to show.

At her funeral during the start of the series, Michael’s gaze remains on his mother’s funeral pyre as he pledges his revenge on his cousin. It’s a quote that won’t be forgotten in a hurry because viewers hadn’t yet seen a real hatred develop between the blood related family members. There may have been the odd spat, but nothing on par with Michael’s feelings. As one of the best non-romantic relationships in Peaky Blinders, it’s no surprise that Michael felt it to be his duty to seek revenge.


“There Will Be A War And One Of You Will Die, But Which One I Cannot Tell.”


The passing of Helen McCrory was a great loss to the acting industry and more specifically, to Peaky Blinders. Her portrayal of Polly was outstanding and could never be matched by another artist. Whilst she didn’t appear in the final series, her voice was still used for some scenes.

As an integral role in the series, Polly’s inclusion in the latter season was a welcome presence for fans, with all of her lines even more poignant than they may have been. Her repeated line from season 5 is a worrying prediction for the family (and viewers), unsure of whom it may be. The combination of Polly’s death and the devastation another would bring, makes the quote all the more memorable.


“How Long Have We Been Dead For? You And Me.”


Whilst the initial rise of the Peaky Blinders gang was fearless and brutal, some of their enemies began to close in and with Tommy’s presence in the world of politics, life was becoming all the more stressful. Some would say that because of their dangerous way of living, they were living on borrowed time and allowing Ada to prove she is the perfect replacement for Tommy.

Tommy seems to confess to that notion from his quote, making it a memorable one. It proves that life was catching up with the elder Shelby family members and Tommy knew it. Perhaps that’s the reason his diagnosis didn’t throw him into a state of shock and worry.


“No More Polly, No More Whiskey, No More Tommy.”


Polly played a great role in her family’s lives. Her presence was respected and those that married into the family knew of the influence she had on the rest of the Peaky Blinder gang.

Lizzie’s quote stands as a memorable one because it acknowledges the change in Tommy and the effect Polly’s death had on him. The choice to now reject all alcohol is a complete contradiction to how he used to drink. Evidently, losing Polly and alcohol consumption means that Lizzie feels she has consequently lost Tommy.


“By Order Of The Peaky F****** Blinders.”


With plenty of twists and turns through seasons 1-5, it was no shock that season 6 of Peaky Blinders was also full of surprises. One of which, was the appearance of Tommy’s son Erasmus. With Tommy’s sights set on a calmer way of living, he welcomed Erasmus into the family, who seemed to settle in pretty quickly.

After he was tasked with getting Finn to shoot Billy and Finn fails to do so, he bellows the family’s famous phrase. Whilst the quote has been said on many occasions through the show, this time stands out in particular because Erasmus is a new family member and yet acts as if he’s been amongst the Shelby’s for years. Something that others may be a bit apprehensive about.


“Tickner Maura, Tickner Maura, O Beng, O Beng.”


Whilst a large portion of Peaky Blinders may be scenes of fighting, the show also tugs on viewers heartstrings with storylines such as Ruby’s illness.

When she initially fell unwell, Lizzie phoned Tommy to tell him what was happening, revealing Ruby was speaking Romani words which she didn’t know the meaning of. Tommy’s reaction is of panic and despair and, as audiences found out, the words seemed to foreshadow Ruby’s death. It was a phrase that shattered the hearts of fans all around the world.


“The 11th Hour. Armistice. Peace At Last, Peace At Last.”


A continuing thread through the show was Tommy’s references to WW1 and the trauma he experienced. So when he was moments away from shooting his doctor, the clock struck 11 and it reminded him of armistice day, representing peace and therefore sparing the doctor’s life.

Not only does this line prove to be memorable because it’s the final line of the season and the last line from Tommy in Peaky Blinders, but the poignancy with which he says it is both moving and haunting. Tommy experienced WW1 firsthand and decided to use his harrowing time as a reason to not kill his doctor.

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