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Outlander season 4 Review: an exciting season of love

outlander season 4 review: an exciting season of love

“The out-of-towner could end the season, but there’s so much to talk about in the meantime.
“”Outlander”” had a pretty good fourth season, but that’s an understatement. Unlike the past season, when we had a balanced back-and-forth timeline, most of the season was spent in the past – we loved every moment of it. Of course, there have been some setbacks this season and we hope things will be different, but overall it’s been an exciting watch.

To be honest, it’s hard to understand what happened in season 4. We begin now, end in the past, and have some great Revelations before us. Should Claire and jamie have died in a fire? ! What was that? ! Season 4 also brought a new relationship, with Roger and brianna’s fast hand.

Another uncomfortable part of the season is the finale. It was supposed to be a gripping story, but it wasn’t. Jamie was expected to receive the assignment at some point, but it wasn’t the usual way outsiders end a season. They could have ended the season in many ways, so I’m not sure why they did it.

Like, it could have ended in a dramatic note about fires that should have taken their lives. Or something about bonet because we’re assuming he didn’t die in the prison bombing. I believe the authors have a reason for this, and maybe those who have read the book can explain it better, but I don’t know. It just didn’t have that “”o-m-g”” moment in its series that was well known at its end.

Still, it was an exciting season, moving the story forward in way

outlander season 4 review: an exciting season of love

outlander season 4 review: an exciting season of love

s we hadn’t anticipated. As Roger and brianna learn how to become parents together, jamie has to face the reality that his fate is in his own hands. While the season didn’t end the way I wanted it to, it’s still a great watch. There are enough questions answered to satisfy us, but there are also enough puzzles to keep us counting down until the drought lander ends again.

What do you think of the fourth season of waidi ren? Let us know what you think and comment below – we’d love to hear your thoughts.

But perhaps the most striking thing about “”outlander”” this season is how much brianna’s character has grown. She began as a young, innocent American girl and by the end of the season was the mother of a beautiful baby boy. Her journey is hard to watch, and not because of Stephen Bonnet, but it has paved the way for us to appreciate her even more than we did when we first saw her. Sophie skelton has brought her a game this season – we love you!

Speaking of Stephen bonner, well, he’s the villain we’ve been hating all season. His presence this season did make everything worse, but in a way, it helped the series in many ways. He was such a terrible man that his storyline forever changed the course of the main character, that of brianna.

outlander season 4 review: an exciting season of love

outlander season 4 review: an exciting season of love

But it’s also what makes “”outlander”” this season so exciting — except for that one episode. I just hope we learn more about his fate in the finale, but I think that’s the plot for season 5.

It’s nice to see that the outlander has changed this season, giving Claire and jamie some semi – stability. At least, their stability.

They finally found a home for themselves and were reunited with their daughter. The moment Jamie and Brianna first met was beautiful, and that’s what we’ve been waiting for. Thanks again to skelton and Sam sugan for injecting so much life into this scene. They just blew us away.

Season 4 of “”the foreigner”” did have some questionable moments that left us wondering what Richard rankin’s Roger really meant. It’s hard to understand whether we hate him or love him, so the end of the season left us with mixed feelings about his reunion with brianna. It’s nice to see them back together, but I don’t know, it’s not a good feeling considering what’s happened.”

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