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Moon Knight is Copying Spider-Man To ‘Cure’ His Condition


To cure his own condition, Moon Knight is requesting that Doctor Strange use a spell that’s not entirely dissimilar to the one he famously cast to make the world forget about Spider-Man. In a new preview for Moon Knight: Black, White, & Blood #2 by Marvel Comics, Moon Knight calls on the Sorcerer Supreme’s help to cure his sickness. But will Doctor Strange cast the spell, or will he refuse to use his magic to cure the antihero?

The preview with Moon Knight isn’t the first time Doctor Strange had a hero request a spell to help people forget who they are. In The Amazing Spider-Man by Joe Quesada, Paolo Rivera, Danny Miki, Richard Isanove, and Joe Caramagna, Peter Parker famously requested that Doctor Strange cast a spell to make the world forget he was Spider-Man, as he wanted to protect those in his life who became targets after his secret identity became public. Strange agreed as Peter and Mary Jane Watson were the only people to remember the truth about Spider-Man’s real identity. The MCU adapted the storyline in Spider-Man: No Way Home, with Strange casting a similar spell to help save the Multiverse.

In a new preview for Moon Knight: Black, White, & Blood #2 by Benjamin Percy, Vanesa R. Del Rey, and VC’s Cory Petit from Marvel Comics, Moon Knight makes a house call to Doctor Strange at the Sanctum Santorum. Moon Knight tells the Sorcerer Supreme that he’s come to Doctor Strange due to his understanding of magic, gods, and the power of the invisible and that he needs his help. Like Spider-Man before him, he asks Doctor Strange to cast a spell; only instead of making the world forget about him, Moon Knight wants to cure his “sickness” and “burden.”


Strange is stunned by the ask, questioning whether erasing his alters, which makes Moon Knight who he is, could destroy his strength and change him at his core. However, Moon Knight pleads to help him preserve what’s left of him, as the voices in his head (caused by his DID) make him struggle to stay tuned in to his own life. Tragically, the antihero refers to himself as a “living sarcophagus” as he tearfully asks for Strange’s help.


It remains to be seen whether Doctor Strange will or even can cast a spell capable of casting a spell that cures Moon Knight’s sickness. There’s no question the antihero has struggled because of his illness, but as the Sorcerer Supreme puts it, it’s become a core part of him. Will erasing his alters and stopping the voices in his head change Moon Knight for the worse? Or, will it help him significantly, just like Doctor Strange’s spell did for Spider-Man? If anyone deserves relief, it’s Moon Knight – but at what cost? Doctor Strange has a tough decision ahead of him, as readers will find out whether he helps his fellow hero in Moon Knight: Black, White, & Blood #2 from Marvel Comics, which arrives in comic book stores Wednesday.

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