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DC’s Harley Quinn Season 2: Every Supervillain Artifact In Doctor Trap’s Lair

Harley Quinn season 2, episode 3 gave shout-outs to many of DC Comics’ villains. Here’s a breakdown of everything on display in Doctor Trap’s lair.


Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Harley Quinn, season 2, episode 3, “Trapped.”

Harley Quinn season 2, episode 3, “Trapped,” featured a number of Easter eggs and references to DC Comics supervillains within Doctor Trap’s lair. First appearing in Chase #6 in July 1998, Doctor Trap is one of DC Comics’ most obscure supervillains.

The bad doctor was originally established a foil for DEO agent Cameron Chase and has barely appeared in a dozen issues since his introduction. Still, to give credit where credit is due, Doctor Trap was formidable enough an opponent to turn his own mind into a telepathic minefield that confounded the Martian Manhunter; no mean feat for an ordinary man with no powers or special talents beyond a penchant for outwitting super-powered people and designing deadly devices catering to their weaknesses.

In DC Universe’s Harley Quinn, Doctor Trap set up shop in a New New Gotham museum.”Trapped” sees Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Kite Man breaking into Doctor Trap’s lair, in search of Firefly’s flame-thrower, which Harley needs to break into Mr. Freeze’s hideout. Finding it inside the museum Doctor Trap adopted as a base proves easier said than done, as Doctor Trap, predictably, filled the museum with booby traps to discourage anyone from disturbing him or trying to steal his collection of other supervillains gear.

Many wonderful toys are revealed as Harley, Ivy, and Kite Man make their way through the museum, offering a Who’s Who guide to some of the world’s greatest evil-doers. Here’s the rundown of every DC villain artifact on display in Doctor Trap’s lair.

Azrael’s Armor


When Harley and Ivy first arrive at Doctor Trap’s lair, a familiar looking set of armor can be seen immediately on the left in the main room. This appears to be the armor worn by Jean-Paul Valley in his Azrael persona. While nominally an anti-hero in most of his incarnations, the last scion of the Order of St. Dumas has fought Batman several times over the years, particularly in the reality of the Arkham City video games.

Black Mask, Nite-Owl & Other DC Masks


The next display case contains a number of notable villain masks. The first one on the left is instantly recognizable as the black wooden mask worn by Black Mask. Presumably the Birds of Prey villain is dead in the reality of Harley Quinn, as it seems unlikely he’d leave his trademark mask behind to be looted if he were still alive and kicking in New New Gotham.

The next trio of masks in the center of the case present a strigformian theme, being the masks of Owlman, Talon, and Nite-Owl. Owlman is Batman’s evil counterpart from Earth-3; a parallel world where all the heroes are villains and vice versa. Talon is the chief assassin of the sinister Court of Owls, who ruled Gotham City in secret for centuries. The Nite-Owl mask is the most curious artifact, since Nite-Owl was a hero from the Watchmen universe, who had never visited any version of the DC Universe until recently.

At first glance the final mask on the far right end of the case seems to belong to Suicide Squad mainstay Deadshot. The mask sports the same distinctive red eyepiece favored by Floyd Lawton. However, on closer examination, this mask seems to be a clever forgery, as the eyepiece seems to have been placed over the right eye rather than the left.

Two-Face’s Giant Coin


The next item in the main room of the museum is an over-sized, double-headed silver dollar with one face scratched up, suggesting that this giant coin belonged to Two-Face. A similar coin has been depicted as a prominent trophy in the Bat Cave for years. though the coin depicted is usually a giant penny rather than a silver dollar. Different stories have hinted at the origins of the coin over the years, but the most famous was probably related in the Batman: The Animated Series episode “Almost Got ‘Im,” where Two-Face told the tale of how he almost killed Batman by flipping the giant coin while The Dark Knight was tied to it. Naturally he got loose and survived the incident.

The Bat-Cave’s T-Rex Model


Speaking of trophies from the Bat Cave, the large model of a Tyrannosaurus Rex next to the giant coin resembles a similar dinosaur that is also often seen in the Bat Cave. The origin of this trophy has also changed over the years, but it was first connected to a case depicted in Batman #35 involving a prehistoric theme park where the dinosaurs ran amok. However, unlike Jurassic World, these dinosaurs were robots rather than the real thing.

The Penguin’s Trick Umbrella


Harley decided to seek outside help before venturing further into Doctor Trap’s lair after encountering this case, which contained one of The Penguin’s trick umbrellas. Harley figured the umbrella had more value as a collector’s item now that The Penguin is dead. She also figured, correctly, that the case was trapped and that she needed the expert help of Catwoman to proceed safely.

Egghead’s Egg, Doctor Fate’s Helmet & Azrael’s Sword


While he doesn’t get much exposure in modern Batman comics, the super-genius crime-boss Egghead was exquisitely brought to life by the great Vincent Price in the 1966 Batman TV series. Sadly, this display is far from exciting. One would expect something more exquisite for so distinguished a villain, perhaps a Faberge Egg? Flanking the Egghead display on the left is what appears to be the Helmet of Nabu; one of the mystic artifacts wielded by Doctor Fate. Curiously, while the design is the same, the helmet appears to be made of silver rather than gold. The sword on the right side of the Egghead display appears to be the Sword of Azrael, as depicted in the game Batman: Arkham Knight.

Deathstroke’s Sword


After Kite Man is caught in a net, Harley needed something sharp to cut him loose. Thankfully, Doctor Trap had the sword of Deathstroke the Terminator on-display close by. Slade Wilson’s sword is another item that was often displayed in the trophy room of the Bat Cave. Given the giant coin and dinosaur in the main room it begs the question… did Doctor Trap loot the Bat Cave along with all the supervillain lairs in Gotham City?

Scarecrow’s Mask


As Harley and Kite Man share a moment (or, at least, Kite Man tries to share a moment with Harley) a familiar looking burlap sack/noose combo can be seen on display in the background; the mask of Scarecrow. Dr. Jonathan Crane died a painful death in the Harley Quinn season 1 finale, burned by acid after annoying The Joker one too many times. How Doctor Trap got it from the ruins of Joker’s collapsed tower base is anyone’s guess.

Charlie Brown’s Shirt Pattern Vase


While not a supervillain artifact, it’s still worth pointing out this vase, which can be briefly seen as Kite Man accidentally trips a spring-loaded step that sends him flying. The yellow vase seems to be imprinted with a black zigzag pattern, which makes it look distinctly like the shirt worn by Charlie Brown. As every Bat-fan knows, Kite Man’s real name is Charles “Chuck” Brown.

Firefly’s Flame Gun


The object of Harley’s quest, Firefly’s flame gun is perhaps the most deadly fire-based weapon on Earth. Personally designed and constructed by Gotham City’s most infamous pyromaniac, this plasma flamethrower is just the thing for burning your enemies when heated words just won’t do. Sadly, we have no idea if the Firefly in Harley Quinn’s reality is Garfield Lyons or Bridgit Pike.

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